Dr. Eid - Mortadella Beef Luncheon

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Dr. Eid presents the distinctive recipe for lovers. We present to lovers of natural and healthy food, meat from mortadella, simply 85% pure beef from the best pieces of meat slaughtered by hand, then adding a little water and natural spices. Simply made for you a distinctive taste with all honesty and confidence, rich in protein and free of added starches. We We make food to provide you with a distinctive, clean and delicious dish, and this is our commitment to quality

Product information:

Completely free of added starches, healthy, suitable for weight maintenance, keto diet, and carbohydrates, suitable for diabetics

the components:

Pure chicken meat, pure water, vegetable protein, table salt, natural spices (black pepper, cardamom, cumin, paprika, garlic), sodium phosphate, ascorbic acid, sodium nitrate

the size:

800 gr