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We offer you the wonderful and delicious taste of senna flowers and lotus tea (Clean-X), whose ingredients were chosen from nature, mixed with scientific experience and actual experiments, which works to facilitate the digestion process and rid the body of accumulated toxins as a result of simply unbalanced food. We always strive to make your day and comfort you. Happy and energetic

Product information:

A natural product that works to facilitate the process of digestion and rid the body of accumulated pain and works to stimulate the metabolism process and has a great and effective role in weight control and slimming program

Product ingredients:

1- Camellia leaves: very useful for slimming

2- Senna leaves: famous for its ability to soften the intestines

3- Lotus leaves: which works to strengthen the immune system

4- Mint: The most well-known plant for its great benefits for preparing the breath and digestion

Usage tips:

It is necessary to consult a doctor before taking long-term use, especially for those suffering from chronic diseases

1- It is not used for pregnant women

2- It should not be used when feeling severe stomach pain or nausea

3- It should not be used for long periods or in excessive quantities

the size:

3 gm *20 sachets